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Building styles for GRP roofing

GRP Roofing is coming on leaps and bounds in terms of its popularity with homeowners and business proprietors alike – and it’s easy to understand why.  GRP is the safest, most resistant roofing that money can buy, and what’s better is it will last the decades.  This means that, unlike felt, rubber or other roofing options that may seem to offer cheap, quick fixes at the point of sale, GRP will reap rewards in that you will never need to tend to it or complete regular repairs throughout its shelf-life.  It’s truly offering a revolution to private homes and public businesses up and down the country.

But what sort of buildings are best suited for GRP?  Is there are a particular type of building that may benefit better from its water-resistant and weatherproof properties than any other?  While we would be inclined to advise that GRP will work wonders on any roofing installation, there are of course a few specific facilities and buildings that will benefit most from its all-encompassing protection.

Contemporary HomesRepaired Flat Roofing

While we recommend GRP for all homes throughout the UK, we definitely feel that they look best installed on modern, contemporary builds where they can seamlessly blend in or stand out as much as you wish.  GRP can be produced in a range of different colours, meaning that no matter the look or style of your home, you can be guaranteed to tailor GRP roofing to a look that matches your existing set-up.  With many homes now opting for flat roofs as opposed to those with higher pitches, GRP is also a well-recommended choice in terms of ease of installation and also for safety.


Whether you’re a car collector, have an ongoing project or if you simply love your four-wheeled friend, you will want to keep it protected as much as possible – GRP roofing is water-resistant, weatherproof and as tough as you need it to be – providing particularly durable and reliable protection over your beloved vehicle below.  GRP is a popular choice of roofing for garages and utility spaces alike that need weather protection and added security – in our opinion, whether or not you opt for GRP as part of your main home’s roofing, it is an ideal choice to protect your extensions or external buildings.

Commercial Buildings

Protecting your business has never been trickier, with a multitude of matters that you need to juggle at any one time – and one of them needn’t be roofing concerns.  The last thing you need is an interruption to your work or your productivity thanks to roofing difficulty, as an odd leak here or weather damage there could cause downtime for your workforce that will ultimately cost you money to recoup.  Therefore, we highly recommend opting for GRP to ensure that your business is secure and well-covered at all times.  It makes sense for your long-term protection as much as it does for your employees and any specialist equipment you may have that could be at risk from water damage or worse.

For advice and consultations on GRP roofing for your home or business, call Merlin Fibreglass Flat Roofing today on 0800 3118 262– and our team will be more than happy to discuss any concerns or ideas you may have, along with why we think GRP will provide a wealth of benefits to your home or business long-term.

Ian Chrichlow

Ian Chrichlow is a seasoned roofing expert serving Mansfield and Nottinghamshire. Specialising on GRP Fibreglass Roofing, Flashing, and Flooring. With a 20-year guarantee on all projects, Ian builds trust and quality into every job. He's got the know-how for both domestic and commercial spaces