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Flat Roof Replacement Mansfield and Notts

Upgrade your Flat Roof to the stronger, longer lasting and better looking alternative – Fibreglass.

Is your flat roof looking tired and shabby – or even worse is it leaking and damaging your property and the rooms below?

Fibreglass is a superior alternative flat roof covering that will extend the life of your property without a massive investment.

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Types of flat roof replacement

Felt Roofing

Traditionally a flat roof is made from Felt and bitumen. This tends to go rigid with age, so older roofs made from felt deteriorate rapidly as they cannot expand and contract with changes in temperature. This brittleness leads to pits and cracks, which let in water. Even a tiny amount of water ingress is enough to render a felt flat roof useless, as when winter arrives the water freezes and expands, widening the crack further until the material is completely split and water flows freely through it into the building below.

Rubber Roofing

Rubber has been available as a flat roof covering for a number of years and whilst offering some advantages over felt roofing, it’s still not the perfect solution. Rubber roofing is great on wide, flat unbroken applications, but loses it’s integrity when there are objects to go around, such as drain and ventilation pipes, skylights, chimneys and air conditioning units. These are the areas where leaks are likely to appear, and these need constant repair.

Rubber is also susceptible to damage from animals and debris. Birds and animals pecking and clawing on the rubber roof can quickly damage it due to water ingress into tiny cracks, similar to felt roofing. Rubber is also unsuitable if the flat roof is used as a walk way, even occasionally for the same reason.

So why is Fibreglass a better flat roof solution?

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