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Industrial and Workshop Flooring

Workshop Flooring

If you are looking to repair or cover a floor in an industrial setting then Fibreglass make a great material for industrial and workshop flooring.

Fibreglass workshop flooring is

  • waterproof
  • resistant to most chemicals and oils
  • non slip
  • hardwearing
  • unbreakable

Suitable for:

  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Schools and colleges
  • Farm buildings
  • Industrial units

By covering your concrete floor with Fibreglass you create an attractive, practical environment that will last for many years. You will also find that your unit is much cleaner as concrete flooring creates perpetual dust.

Mechanical resistant flooring

Fibreglass is incredibly tough. It will sustain many years of heavy use from cars, fork lifts and commercial vehicles such as lorries. It is suitable for high traffic areas and can be coloured to match any environment.

No need for garage floor paint

Fibreglass is far superior to garage floor paint. It lasts much longer than other garage flooring, and has high chemical and oil resistance. Because it is laminated on it will also seamlessly cover maintenance pits, making the whole floor a single, waterproof and highly resistant covering.

Safe, clean and long lasting workshop flooring

Fibreglass is non slip, making it incredibly safe for industrial and public areas of your building. It’s easy to clean too, as it can be jetwashed or chemically cleaned over and over again with no ill effects. Fibreglass flooring lasts for many years whereas garage floor paint or garage floor tiles only last a few years at most before they need replacing, and they quickly wear and stain – unlike fibreglass.