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Keep Your Home Waterproof With Lead Flashing Replacement


As the winter is now rolling in, it’s likely you may already be thinking about how the sudden change in weather and climate could be set to impact your home and garden.  While the summer was nice while it lasted, autumn and winter always have to arrive at some point, and if your lead flashing isn’t already up to scratch in helping to ward off leaks and water damage, it may be time to start considering a quality lead flashing replacement to ensure that your home withstands the pressures of weather for months and years to come.


Lead may be one of the most resistant materials around – which is why it has been used commonly for flashing and sealing of roofs for decades – but the fact of the matter is, after some time, it will crack and deteriorate.  While good lead flashing can last decades at a time, many older homes and properties are now witnessing deterioration, which means it is now more than time for their owners to start thinking about effective lead flashing replacement.  Lead, too, is inflexible – and it’s been a major target for thieves over the years as a result of its value.


lead flashing replacement

Ultra-Strong Lead Flashing for you


Here at Merlin, we – of course – are fully invested in fibreglass as a reliable lead flashing replacement.  Fibreglass is not only a fantastic asset for roofing overall – as well as for flooring – its ultra-strong, weather-resistant properties make it your perfect shield against the elements.  A complete redo of your lead flashing will be quick, simple and will give you years of maintenance-free peace.  What’s more, we always supply our fibreglass with a 20 year guarantee, which means we’re confident you’ll not need to think about a lead flashing replacement again for two decades.  This is great news for anyone who may well have set up home for some time!


Reliable and Amazingly Flexible Fiberglass


Fibreglass is laminated on – which means it is not only reliable, but is also amazingly flexible.  It’s not only favoured by roofers and architects, but is also considered a household asset by homeowners up and down the UK.  We always make sure to offer and supply fibreglass to our customers in a way which respects your current property and which stands the test of time.  Fibreglass in any form really does pay for itself after just a few months – as what’s more, it’s a great theft deterrent.  There’s absolutely no way any would-be thieves or vandals are getting their way with effective fibreglass flashing or roofing!

lead flashing replacement

If you’re interesting in replacing your lead flashing with a flexible and long-lasting alternative, fibreglass is your best option bar none.  As experts in lead flashing replacement and GRP fibreglass for a wide range of uses, we’ll be more than happy to show you how much of a difference this material can make to your life.  Call Merlin today on 0800 3118 262 to learn more, or email us at your own convenience if you have any specific questions or queries.


Ian Chrichlow

Ian Chrichlow is a seasoned roofing expert serving Mansfield and Nottinghamshire. Specialising on GRP Fibreglass Roofing, Flashing, and Flooring. With a 20-year guarantee on all projects, Ian builds trust and quality into every job. He's got the know-how for both domestic and commercial spaces