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Replacement Portico Roofs with GRP Fibreglass Roofing in Mansfield

Ornate homes and older churches churches with a portico roofs, are usually listed or protected due to the building’s historical significance. This limits the amount of improvements that may be added for fear that they may destroy the historical ambiance of the building.

Things like siding or modern glass windows probably aren’t allowed in protected buildings, but a replacing a portico roof with grp fibreglass roofing material is not only allowed by most parish councils, but encouraged. But why change a roof’s material?

Reasons to replace a standard portico roof with grp fibreglass:

No one will know it’s there

Grp fibreglass is designed to blend seamlessly with any architectural design. This means that no matter how curved a portico roof is, grp fibreglass can be altered to fit the structure perfectly. In addition, fibreglass can be painted to match your current roof’s color and texture.

It will last

While it won’t stand up to the test as time like a historical building, a grp fiberglass roof will last a long time. Most grp fibreglass roofs come with a 20 year warranty, but their average life span is somewhere between 40 and 50 years. Some grp roofs have even been around since the 1940s.


It regulates temperature

If you don’t like the weather in England, just wait 10 minutes. This old joke isn’t quite true, but anyone that’s ever experienced an English spring or fall knows how quickly the the weather can go from hot to cold. This rapid temperature change causes a standard to expand and contract quickly, which can damage it. Grp roofs, however, are not damaged by this rapid temperature change.

The temperature extremes England experiences illustrates one of the reasons you need to invest in a good roof that keeps the cold and heat outside where they belong. A grp fibreglass roof is an excellent insulator, makes sure that a building’s temperature remains regulated. This not only makes the building more comfortable, it also saves money on utility bills.

It stops invaders

Most criminals are smart enough to realise that kicking down a door or breaking a window is not only noisy, but easily to see. To avoid being observed by others, thieves are now drilling holes into a building’s roof. While this is a bit more difficult, it’s safer for the thief; most people don’t make a habit out of looking at a roof. A grp fiberglass roof is made of strong, thick material that is nearly impenetrable to hand tools.

It’s cheap

On paper, a grp fibreglass roof costs just as much as a standard roof. A grp fiberglass roof, however, will last at least twice as long, meaning that in the long run, a grp roof is half the cost of a standard one.