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Hire a Professional for Your Fibreglass Flat Roof Repair


Flat roofing can be hugely beneficial for homes and businesses alike. Using the right materials, it can weather anything that can be thrown against it! From would-be intruders to vandalism and even heavy weather, a fantastic flat roof can do an awful lot to keep you safe and warm across the years.

However, in time, even flat roofing can deteriorate. Just because a flat roof seems easier to install or repair than more complex installations doesn’t make it immune to maintenance. For that reason, it always makes sense to consult with a professional on how to make the most of your flat roof repair. Roofing repairs can really stack up in terms of cost over the years, so naturally, you are going to want to look for a cost-effective solution which will stand the test of time.

Why Use Fibreglass?

Fibreglass Roof GarageFibreglass flat roof repair can help to undo a lot of the damage caused by more outdated roofing solutions. There are plenty of reasons why roofers and experts in roofing contracting prefer GRP to much of the other material available on the market. For one thing, fibreglass has incredible protective properties, and is proven to be immensely resilient against rain, wind and other weather. What’s more, it is virtually impenetrable, which means you are always well-protected against any would-be criminals who want to do serious damage to your property.

Fibreglass flat roof repair is recommended if you find that your existing flat roof is deteriorating thanks to inferior material, or due to the age of the roof itself. What may have worked years ago won’t necessarily stand up by today’s standards. Cheap tile, rubber or otherwise will only last for so long, meaning that within a couple of years, you’ll need to start thinking about repairing and replacing again. With fibreglass roofing, you’re guaranteed decades of protection.

In fact, we offer a 20-year guarantee as standard with all GRP installations and repairs. That’s how confident we are in its amazing properties!

How Fibreglass Works in Flat Roof Repair

Fibreglass and GRP are recommended for flat roof repair thanks to how easy it is to install, and how cost-effective it is from the word go. While fibreglass roofing may seem more expensive than other run-of-the-mill options on the face of things, a fantastic GRP roof will pay for itself after just a few months. There is simply no need for the maintenance and upkeep you’ve had to shell out for and arrange previously.

Fibreglass is easily laid, as it is as simple as pouring out and setting resin. By removing the remainder of old roofing material, we can safely lay down GRP so that it effectively repairs and replaces any outdated material or standards below. It only takes a short time to set and solidify, and we’ll even make sure that the colour and style of resin matches your existing property. Flat roof repair, when using inferior materials, is only going to need maintenance further down the line. With GRP, you’ll not have to think about your roof for another two decades. That’s an incredible value.

Calling the Professionals

Applying fibreglass for Flat Roof Repair including guttersHowever, fibreglass and GRP are still only best handled by genuine roofing professionals. Roofers using GRP will be fully trained in how to use the material to their advantage, and can guarantee you of complete safety. Merlin’s team are experts in all things fibreglass, which means you can trust us to repair even the most complex of roofing issues. When it comes to flat roof repair, we are always ready to recommend fibreglass in a heartbeat.

A professional roofer will offer you everything you need to know about fibreglass repair before they get started. The Merlin difference lies in the fact that we will be upfront with you both in terms of cost and in terms of service. We don’t like keeping customers in the dark – plain and simple. Therefore, for straightforward, professional care, you should always look to an experienced team and local firm for flat roof repair.

Get In Touch

Thousands of homes and businesses across our region are benefiting from fantastic GRP fibreglass flat roof repair. Is your flat roof in need of a little TLC? Worried about costs, or what’s involved? Come and have a chat with our team at your convenience, and we’ll offer you a quote without any need for obligation.

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