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Protect the Many Aspects of your Property with Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass roofingThere’s plenty of reasons as to why fibreglass is unarguably the leading choice of material for roofers up and down the UK – and it’s not just to do with the ease of application or the versatility in design.  Homeowners and firms across the country are taking advantage of fibreglass to help revolutionise their properties from top to bottom, and it’s all thanks to the incredible natural properties lying deep within the material.  While you may have already considered setting up a fibreglass roof to protect against unwanted intrusion and weather alike, have you thought about some of the other brilliant ways through which fibreglass can improve your home life or commercial operation?

Why Choose Fibreglass?

First of all, fibreglass is amazingly water-resistant, making it an obvious choice for roofing solutions.  With this in mind, it’s also the perfect choice for conservatories, gazebos, skylight installations, orangeries and more.  The flexible and durable nature of fibreglass will also ensure that you receive solid, reliable protection throughout the year which can be moulded and designed to bespoke standards.  Therefore, if you have an ideal look in mind for the rooms in your home, you can rely upon fibreglass to help you reach your home design goals as well as to help protect against damage and unwanted attention.

Fibreglass also works wonders in wetrooms, shower rooms and more besides.  Have a walk-in-shower?  Install durable, non-slip fibreglass to match your existing décor or to bring the look of your shower space into a whole new dimension.  Installing a hot tub room or Jacuzzi?  Bolster your new installation with fibreglass flooring – allowing you to safely enjoy your bubbles for years to come.

Fibreglass is Perfect in any Capacity

fibreglass roofingFibreglass is also a remarkable sealant and lining support.  If you need to seal off chimney flues or require help in sealing up a new skylight window, fibreglass will provide you with air and water tight protection that holds and holds.  On the lining side of things, fibreglass can be widely used as a long-lasting garden pond solution as well as for outdoor pools, shallow cellars and more besides.  It’s a tremendous asset against damp and water of all depths – meaning that if you need to protect one or more rooms from the threat of water or weather, you can do far worse than look at fibreglass as an option.

Fibreglass is a fantastic roofing asset, though it also has hundreds of more applications available throughout the home and in commercial circumstances.  Take a look at our website for further information or get in touch with our team today to learn more!  We offer GRP fibreglass with a 20-year guarantee – meaning that you are guaranteed to get at least two decades of solid, reliable use from each and every one of our installations.  If you’re interested in installing fibreglass and can’t wait to get started, call Merlin Fibreglass Flat Roofing today on 0800 3118 262 or email us at your convenience!

Ian Chrichlow

Ian Chrichlow is a seasoned roofing expert serving Mansfield and Nottinghamshire. Specialising on GRP Fibreglass Roofing, Flashing, and Flooring. With a 20-year guarantee on all projects, Ian builds trust and quality into every job. He's got the know-how for both domestic and commercial spaces