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Protect Your Home from Damp and Leaks with Fibreglass

Roof in need of repairsYou may well have come across fibreglass before for various rhymes and reasons. However, have you ever considered quite how useful the material is at protecting your home and family from unwanted drips and damp conditions? Merlin are Chesterfield’s leading experts in fibreglass roofing and supplies, meaning that whether you need a complete roofing re-installation or simply need lead flashing replacement to weather the seasons to come, we’re only too happy to help.

Fibreglass, simply put, is the most weather and water resistant material available to roofers right now. Winter is in full force, and that means, unfortunately, your rooms are likely to be a haven for leaks and damp conditions unless you do something major about protecting your roof from the outside world. Rubber and tile is only ever going to do so much. While fibreglass may cost a little more up-front on occasion, it is worth remembering that it more than pays for itself – and that we offer all fibreglass installations with a 20-year guarantee. We are certain you won’t need to worry a jot about leaks and damp patches for up to two decades after you install with us. That’s incredible value for money!

Recovering from leaking and damp conditions after cold periods – particularly in the wintertime – can be expensive and labour intensive. To that end, we think it’s always worth taking a close look at just how effective your roof really is at keeping the wet away. Are you already noticing moist patches in your bedrooms? Are you struggling to patch leaks, or having to put buckets and pails down to catch nuisance water letting itself in? Let’s take away all of that hassle. Let’s look at laying down some fibreglass to help make your home more secure against intrusion and wet weather house roofalike. We, of course, regularly sing the praises of fibreglass in roofing for a variety of reasons, but waterproofing is one of the top issues we think our customers are particularly invested in.

Water can be hugely damaging to home interiors, furniture, carpets and more besides. Leaving a leak and damp conditions simply isn’t healthy, either. You owe it to your family and your home to protect it as much as possible, which we’re sure you already do! Consider swapping out your existing roofing supply for something a little more robust and resilient in the face of Mother Nature.

Merlin are fibreglass experts. We’re well-experienced in the provision of fibreglass for home and commercial roofing alike, meaning that whether you need to fix up your home, your church, your garage, your café – you name it – we can be on hand to fix things up and to help you beat the threat of damp all year round. Especially consider the benefits of fibreglass roofing as winter starts to get more ferocious. Call Merlin today to learn more on 0800 3118 262 or email us with your query at your convenience, and let’s start beating back the winter cold and damp.

Ian Chrichlow

Ian Chrichlow is a seasoned roofing expert serving Mansfield and Nottinghamshire. Specialising on GRP Fibreglass Roofing, Flashing, and Flooring. With a 20-year guarantee on all projects, Ian builds trust and quality into every job. He's got the know-how for both domestic and commercial spaces