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Fibreglass Applications

What is fibreglass roofing and why is it a better solution for my roof?

A fibreglass flat roof is an excellent, long lasting replacement roof. It has many advantages over more traditional roofing materials such as rubber or felt. These include:

  • Long lasting – our fibreglass roofing has a 20 year guarantee
  • Better coverage – because a fibreglass roof roof is laminated on, it moulds to intricate corners and fills gaps and surfaces that the other cannot.
  • Improved security – intruders cannot penetrate a fibreglass roof, whereas a felt or rubber roof is opened up with just a stanley knife!
  • Strength – the strength of a fibreglass roof makes it suitable for walkways and balconies etc
  • Flexible coverage – fibreglass can mould to its surroundings such as walls, brickwork and even stairs creating a waterproof and inpenetrable covering

The technical name for fibreglass is GRP – glass reinforced plastic. It was developed in the 1930 for insulation and has proved to be a tough, long lasting and adaptable material with many other uses.

Do I need any special preparation for Fibreglass Roofing?

No – a fibreglass flat roof needs exactly the same preparation as any other roofing. Good clean and solid boarding with no rot or sharp extrusions is essential. We always ensure that your basic roof structure is sound before we start to apply the fibreglass laminate – after all a roof is only as good as it’s weakest point. It’s also important to ensure there are no dips where water will puddle, and that the roof has the correct camber to ensure proper drainage.  Merlin can adjust the fall of your flat roof to eliminate the pooling of water

How will my fibreglass roof look?

Beautiful! Fibreglass gives a clean, smooth and consistent finish that retains its good looks for many years.

How long will my roof last?

Many GRP items made in the 1940s are still around today. A fibreglass product has an average life expectancy of over 50 years. The fact that our roofs are guaranteed for 20 years does not mean you will need a new roof after that time – we expect our roofs to long outlast the guarantee.

Is Fibreglass Roofing Expensive?

Certainly not! It costs roughly the same amount of money to install a fibreglass roof as it does any other roofing system. In fact, there is a considerable long term saving as a fibreglass roof needs a lot less maintenance and repair throughout its life. Also, as a fibreglass roof is expected to outlive other systems, it represents excellent value over the years.

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