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Lead Roof Replacement in Mansfield

Do you have a problem with the lead on your roof?
Lead roof replacement is a sensitive issue due to the fact that most buildings with lead roofing are older structures and any replacement needs to be done sympathetically. This is particularly important for buildings of great architectural beauty such as churches. GRP Fibreglass is an ideal replacement material for lead roofing because it can be coloured to replicate lead. By replacing the lead roofing for a visual like for like material the structure retains its traditional look.

Fibreglass makes a good replacement material for lead from a practical point of view. It’s easy to install, cheaper than lead and has a life span of over 30 years.

Lead roofing is a target for thieves

Unfortunately, despite recent Government policy restricting the sale of lead (vendors are required to provide official proof of the source of the lead) many old buildings such as churches and schools are the target of thieves. Many establishments don’t discover the theft until leaks in the roof are discovered. So it will come as no surprise to find that many councils are recommending GRP Fibreglass to replace lead roofs as one of their preferred materials.

Fibreglass is the ideal lead roof replacement

Like lead for roofing, fibreglass is flexible and easily be fitted on obscurely shaped structures and go around abutments and fancy fittings that many older buildings have without compromising the looks of the building. Certainly for walls and drainage channels it is the only practical, affordable solution as neither rubber nor bitumen roofing could be fitted to fix problems in these areas. Other metals could be used but there are problems with the aesthetics of the material, plus it may not be solving the issue of keeping thieves away.

If you lead roofing that has been the victim of thieves, or you have a lead flat roof that is in need of repair or replacement please don’t hesitate to get in touch.