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Is your roof ready for the colder months?

Let’s face it – there are plenty of things we could – and should – be doing to ensure that our homes are ready for cold snap ahead.  This means not only making sure that we have reliable central heating ready to go and plenty of thick duvets to snuggle up in, but it also means that we should be thinking about the roof above our heads.  If you’ve been living with a traditional tiled or rubber roof solution for some time, you may be perfectly happy with the results that you’ve seen – but it stands to reason that you consider an altogether more durable material, and covering, should you wish for your home, garage and extensions to survive particularly fearsome weather.

Popular roofing solutiongrp roofing

GRP fibreglass is arguably the most popular roofing resources amongst professionals and homeowners alike, particularly as it is a long-term solution that works wonders in keeping out weather and unwanted attention alike.  Traditional felt, or tile roofing can be extremely susceptible to damage from both the elements and from outside intrusion – meaning that if security, warmth and dryness are at the very top of your agenda, there is every reason you should consider swapping out an older roofing material for bespoke fibreglass – laid on to fit and support houses and homes of all shapes and sizes.

Fibreglass is guaranteed to last

Fibreglass is becoming more and more popular on the residential circuit and it’s thankfully becoming a lot more affordable and easier to provision on the whole.  This means that homeowners are now able to make the decision to re-roof their houses and bungalows with a material that is proven to last the years – through wind, snow, hail and regular downpours alike.  It’s guaranteed to withstand unwanted attention across the board – this is tough stuff that we offer to our customers with a 20 year guarantee – you’ll not have to worry about replacing your roof or conducting major or even minor repairs in up to two decades.  If that’s not cost-effectively protecting your home against the winters to come, we don’t know what is.

Prepare for winter weathersfibreglass roofing

Tile roofing, while protective and perfectly serviceable as roofing material and standards of old go, simply doesn’t have the resistance and the longevity that fibreglass has proven to hold in testing and continued residential use over the years.  With winter fast approaching – and with British temperatures showing no sign of getting any better – it surely makes sense to think about improving your overall roofing coverage for the cold times ahead.

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There is never a bad time of year to consider installing fibreglass roofing for your home – whether you own a townhouse, a mansion, a bungalow or something completely different – and Merlin GRP have both the tools and the expertise to hand to make sure that you and your family are completely protected against the elements.  If you’re considering fibreglass for your roof but are unsure where to start, why not call us today on 0800 3118 262 – and let us point you in the right direction!