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Why Choose a Specialist Glass Fibre Roofing Company?

While you might not think about your roof too much, it’s doing an awful lot to keep you safe and warm. Without a roof over your head, you’re at risk of getting rained on, snowed on, broken into – and more besides. Therefore, it really does make sense to set up a roof for your property which is going to withstand years of use, and which will be sure to protect you, your family, and your assets. Have you ever considered glass fibre roofing before?

Fibreglass roofing is helping millions of people up and down the country take advantage of more reliable, more flexible coverage for their homes. While rubber and tile may have done well for homes and homeowners in the past, it’s very quickly become an outdated standard! Fibreglass, built to order and in a range of different styles, is always likely to be the best support you have against the weather and world outside.

But why should you look for a local specialist who can help you with a glass fibre flat roof? Let’s take you through the basics.


Fibreglass Just Makes Sense

fibreglass roofingFor many years now, fibreglass, or glass fibre roofing, has been the material and standard of choice for roofers up and down the UK. The fact is, it’s easy to work with, it’s customisable for bespoke needs, and it is by far the most durable and most resistant material available for roofing. It’s very simple to install, and once it’s in place, you won’t need to worry about taking on maintenance tasks every five minutes.

Fibreglass is an incredibly waterproof and airtight material, which means that instead of taking a gamble on the same old slate or tile solutions, you can opt for a sealed membrane that simply won’t let anything through. Glass fibre flat roof options are resistant not only to weather and water but are very unlikely to falter under pressure from would-be vandals or intruders. Of course, this is great news for any homeowner who genuinely cares about protecting their property and the people inside!

Above all, waterproof glass fibre roofing lasts the ages. At least, it’ll last 20 years – and in that time, you won’t have to expect any awkward or costly patch-up jobs. The fibreglass we install for your roof will withstand two decades of careful use, and we’re so confident of this, Merlin offers a guarantee that will cover you for this period.



The Right Company Matters

Loft Roof FibreglassHowever, when it comes to getting the best fibreglass roof installed, you are going to need to make sure you have the best local specialist working by your side. Glass fibre roofing, while easy to install, always requires an experienced hand. Just because we make it look easy doesn’t mean you should charge into it on your own! In fact, we’d always recommend you call us first if you have designs on a glass fibre flat roof any time soon.

Merlin has been working with GRP for many years now. We’ve been at the forefront of the fibreglass revolution as far as roofing is concerned, and for that reason, we are amongst the most reliable experts in the local area. We only ever use the best tools and the best material to ensure that our customers receive absolute protection against the elements and any would-be intruders.

We also take the time to actively listen to your needs. No two fibreglass installations are ever quite the same, and for that reason, we make sure to set up a clear plan of action with you to make sure you are completely covered – literally.

You can customise GRP in a variety of different ways, right down to the colour. You’d also be surprised at how many different buildings and properties GRP can work for. The fact is, there is no project or request too challenging for us. Just get in touch with our team for a quote and we will see what we can do for you!


Call Us Now

Are you thinking about setting up glass fibre roofing in the New Year? There are plenty of great reasons why you should – and let’s face it, the British weather isn’t set to get any better!

Therefore, make a point of calling us now to learn more about how much of a difference a glass fibre flat roof could make to your property’s protection. We’ll set you up with a clear quote and will get you up and running as soon as possible for 2021!

Ian Chrichlow

Ian Chrichlow is a seasoned roofing expert serving Mansfield and Nottinghamshire. Specialising on GRP Fibreglass Roofing, Flashing, and Flooring. With a 20-year guarantee on all projects, Ian builds trust and quality into every job. He's got the know-how for both domestic and commercial spaces